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Hello and welcome!

Let me tell you a little about me ...

Since I was a child, I have always loved to draw, but I never really pursued it until now. Well, let me clarify that statement … My senior year in college, when I had an elective credit available, I took my first formal art class: Basic Drawing 101. I loved it! I distinctly remember how fascinating I found the lesson on understanding perspective! And apparently my aptitude came through because, after the first few assignments, the professor asked matter-of-factly, “You are an art major, correct?” When I said “no”, he raised his eyebrows and asked both hopefully and worriedly, “But, you’re a freshman, right?” I said “No, I’m a senior.”

He groaned.

Let me also explain that I have always loved animals. In fact, that detail is where my formal training actually led me; I have degrees in both Animal Science and Veterinary Technology. As a young child, I regularly canvased the neighborhood, asking everyone if they had a dog or cat I could walk. As I grew, I had my own menagerie of pets. When I met and married my husband, we spent several years very involved in titling/certifying our dogs in obedience, confirmation, agility and pet therapy. Our family has not only had many beloved animal family members over the years since , but also enjoy and support the natural wildlife in the many places across the country we’ve lived. Tucker and Piper are our two companions these days (our dear, Autumn, has passed on).

So, I guess it was only natural that these two passions would eventually come together. Now that my husband and I have raised our two wonderful children and are empty nesters, I have found the time to pursue my enjoyment of drawing animals. So, 36 years after that first art class, I began drawing again in the fall of 2020. I continue to learn new skills and techniques with each project and am grateful for my family and friends support as I grow this new endeavor!

Please look around my site and enjoy!



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